About us

Would you like every one of your patients to be treated with access to as many treatment options based on the latest scientific knowledge as possible? After all, various hidden bite types, which function even when the patient loses several teeth, are becoming more and more common. However, such systems can be very dangerous and even misleading – the patient begins experiencing problems as soon as you begin treatment and the patient may see you as the cause of the problem, despite the fact that you've simply taken the final step towards moving them out of an unstable clinical situation. To avoid this, you must march side by side with science and try to approach your medical work with a therapy that treats the disease and not the symptoms.

The Baltic Functional Odontology Association (BFOA) is a community of specialists with orthotropic direction, which seeks to provide comprehensive knowledge to its members about the correct mouth and face development, position and function of jaws, muscles and joints as well as their impact on the entire human body, general well-being and health. Only treating the actual cause of the illness will allow us to cure our patients. This can be reached with returning the bones to their correct position and controlling muscle function. This community of specialists was established with the aim to focus on correct function, interdisciplinary treatment, and dentistry, based on scientific research. The BFOA works with the most important scientific organisations: the German Society for Aesthetic Dentistry (DGÄZ) and the German Society of Dental and Oral Medicine (DGZMK). Our association's goal is to encourage cooperation between dentists in the Baltic states, spread the importance of interdisciplinary treatment with specialists in other fields (neurologists, ear, nose and throat doctors, physical therapists), deliver news about scientific innovations from primary sources, and provide certificates to specialists in various fields.