Dr Simon Wong (Australia), dentist, who has developed the Good Oral Posture exercises program ‘GoPex’. Within a radius of thousands of kilometers, you will not find another expert so well-versed in managing facial growth for the correct children’s facial features This also helps to prevent the occurrence of many chronic illnesses such as allergic rhinitis, sleep apnoea, TMD etc.

Dr Derek Mahony (Australia), orthodontist with worldwide reputation in offering early interceptive orthodontic treatment. In his research work he linked bit anomalies and breathing with sleep apnoea, ADHD and other serious illnesses.


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10/11-05-2019 (Friday and Saturday) 10:00, registration from 9:30 



Dr. G. Kobs odontologijos klinika, J. Balčikonio g. 3-294, Vilnius, Lithuania



General dentists, paediatric dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists



Some old and difficult questions are still unanswered:

  • When the most early we can identify functional bite disorders?
  • Which treatment method is the most efficient for them?
  • Should the treatment start already in the primary dentition?
  • Or should we wait for adolescence, or just leave it, if the patient does not complain?

The link between irregular bite and functional disorders with sleep apnoea
(even in child age), respiratory illnesses, inexplicable headaches, and
TMD are increasingly noticeable. Do we like it or not, all dentists have to become
function specialists, who look broader than just their narrow area of

The best bite and function specialists from Australia will present many new challenges for the modern dentistry (especially for children and adolescents). They will reveal how to restore and stabilize the functioning of the orofacial system in the long term.


10-05-2019 Dr Simon Wong „Early intervention into facial development – the way to the correct bite “

Dr Simon Wong is a guru of early functional treatment. He has developed a unique GOPex system with special exercises for oral muscles, posture and breathing. GOPex combined with removable orthotropic-orthodontic appliances, has already saved hundreds of young patients from orthodontic treatment with braces. Years of experience and results of his work prove in 100%, that all 32 teeth can fit in each child’s mouth. Only a few simple rules are required to reach this:

  • if a predisposition for an irregular bite is diagnosed, start the treatment as early as possible;
  • eliminate harmful habits (breathing through the mouth, irregular posture, etc.);
  • constantly motivate patients and their parents, emphasizing that without their efforts the treatment will not be successful.

You will see, which results this treatment method gives: the lecturer will present 100 fully documented facial growth management (orthotropic) cases.


The usual practice in Lithuanian is to start with bite correction at age of 12-18 years. Dr Wong is however confident, that it is actually already too late to form the face, that was encoded in the child’s genes. This doctor starts the treatment in Australia at very young age and achieves fascinating results only by motivating and teaching patients and their parents (if necessary, adapting removable appliances).


11-05-2019 Dr Derek MahonyThe Crucial role of orthodontics in the multidisciplinary treatment of paediatric OSA”

Dr Derek Mahony is treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) for many decades. In his PhD study he followed almost 4000 children. The purpose of the study was to see what combination of treatments would most reduce the impact of sleep disordered breathing for children between ages of 7-9 years. Based on the signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing problems all patients had the standard orthodontic records of study casts, X-rays/CBCTs, extra oral and intra oral photographs, as well as a baseline sleep study (PSG). 21 (0,5 %) patients PSG studies showed no OSA. The other 99 % were suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnoea!

The patients were assigned to 5 groups. The fifth group was a control group who did not receive any treatment. Other groups were treated: 1) ENT surgery only; 2) ENT surgery and Myofunctional therapy, with a night time appliance (myobrace) (MFT); 3) ENT surgery and orthopaedics/orthodontics; 4) ENT surgery, orthopaedics/orthodontics, MFT and a night-time appliance (myobrace).

Sleep studies were performed for all patients, at baseline, and then after ENT intervention, after orthopaedic treatment, and finally after MFT. By comparing the results, the best outcome, for RDI reduction, was obtained when ENT surgery, myofunctional therapy and orthodontic therapy were used. Complete resolution of OSA, in children, requires appropriate orthodontic treatment, such as maxillary development, maxillary protraction, and mandibular translation. 

Dr D. Mahony will present in detail, how to:

1) compare different combined treatment modalities for the treatment of paediatric OSA;

2) include orthodontics in treatment plans for paediatric OSA;

3) identify the relationship between malocclusions and SDB in children;

4) review the common ENT procedures that help restore nasal breathing in children;

5) summarize the most favourable dentofacial orthopaedic treatment outcomes for these children, once their nasal airway has been improved;

6) compare stability of their improved airway with and without MFT.



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