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due to the pandemic situation, we decided to postpone the BFOA conference ‘Bite puzzle: from (not) raising the bite height to the facial (a)symmetries’ to 24-25 March 2022.


However, we are doctors and we never stop working! So I kindly invite everyone to join a special FREE virtual event on April 13 (Tuesday) from 6 to 7.30 pm (Lithuania time GMT+2). Together with the occlusion guru from Germany Stefan Schunke we will discuss (in English) the guarantees of the longevity of restorations. I trust that this discussion will ease the wait for next year’s conference, in which we will be solving the occlusal rebus already in a group of three: we will be joined by the perfectionist dental technician Raimundas Bagdonas.


Most dentists believe that after restorative cementation, it is necessary to make a bite splint, so that the result of the procedure doesn’t crack and remains functional for many years. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that patients do not use the splint every night… What does this result in? They come back to us with broken ceramic restorations or chipped teeth that had been restored in another way.


Imagine you have cemented 32 or 28 new teeth to your patient, or rebuilt them directly with the help of composite. And the patient cannot (or does not want to) wear a protective bite splint overnight. How to manage such situations safely?


In my opinion, the highest quality dental work is one that gives a result which remains impeccable for long years WITHOUT any splints and NO chipping.


I am certain that after completing dental work, the most objective way to assess its quality and predict its longevity is with the help of the Brux Checker splint. Therefore, this discussion will reveal how to accurately diagnose ‘dangerous dental contacts’ that eventually cause muscle hypertonia and chipped restorative work.


Let us return to the beginning. In Lithuania, we all learned the tricks of occlusion from HIM – the famous German master dental technician Stefan Schunke. This could be confirmed by well-known Lithuanian dental technicians, such as Raimundas Bagdonas, Ramunė Petkelienė or Rolandas Andrijauskas. This would be also acknowledged by Dr Adomas Auškalnis. And I admit that myself. Therefore, dear colleagues, I am excited to invite you not to miss this exceptional opportunity and to have a sip from the purest source of knowledge, FREE OF CHARGE. We look forward to seeing you at our exclusive virtual event on April 13th.


Your sincerely,

BFOA President Dr Giedrė Kobs




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